Adam Nelson is a 25 year-old Midwest Based--Forget this, writing in third person is weird.


I am a portrait and landscape photographer living in the Midwest United States. I am told I'm supposed to have a minimalist website with no color so as to not detract from my photography, but I'm somebody who loves neon lights and pulsing nightclubs so I thought this space ought to reflect that. I (obviously) have a serious penchant for anything from the 80's and I can only hope that one day someone will look on my own work with a bit of nostalgia.

I'm looking to work with like-minded artists and professionals to expand my photographic eye and skill set. If you have a need for a photographer and/or an open mind, hit me up and let's work!



Let's get to work.

 765.860.3603 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

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